Small Crops
Big Dreams

Organic Saffron

Small Crops, Big Dreams

Perhaps it is out of respect for its past that saffron has continued to be grown the same way it has been for 3,500 years. In fact, right now, on a farm in the Österlen region of southern Sweden, we’re developing a revolutionary approach to saffron farming – one that is showing how this small crop can fulfill big dreams.

It’s here on this farm that we’re mapping out an innovative, sustainable approach to farming, all while growing saffron of such high quality, it graces the kitchens of Noma, Daniel Berlin, and Kontrast, to name a few.

It’s here where we’re striving for a regenerative agriculture approach to one of the world’s most challenging crops – and we’re using robots to do it.

In addition to yielding world–class saffron, this farm is serving as a proving ground for a unique platform that’s introducing precision farming to the saffron industry.

Österlensaffran's careful cultivation of premium organic saffron has charmed Scandinavia's leading chefs and sparked a local revival

Precision Farming

One crop at a time

At a time when traditional farming technology continues to grow larger and heavier, we’ve developed a picking technology that’s ideal for small scale farming. It’s low in energy consumption, light enough to transport with ease, and is powered by electric energy, not fossil fuel.

Harvesting saffron, which is derived from the stigma of the crocus flower, is extremely laborious.

Our Technology

Next generation farming

The technology itself is transparent. It utilizes RTK/GNSS navigation, employs an AI vision system for object detection, and features high–precision mechanics on its three–axis arm.

Less obvious is the expertise behind it – our team of innovators carry resumes peppered with experience at companies that are defining the parameters of how people and machinery intersect.

But perhaps the most important aspect this revolutionary platform delivers is an ability to look at farming with a new perspective – a respectful approach that balances the needs of both humans and nature.

Symphony of Precision

Field Recordings Crafted

Listen to the field recordings from our saffron fields and the robot in action. Mix by Felix Ohrlander.