Food culture

Culinary realms

With an exceptional quality of organic saffron, we look beyond traditional Swedish saffron buns. Everyone is of course welcome to make these buns, but we do like seeing the precious threads add flavour, colour and scent in other creative manners. We know how much work it takes from harvest to the table, so it’s super exciting to see what people around us can create with it. The lesser the better is our motto and hardly any of the dried saffron is needed when treated with love.

We are so fortunate to have discovered and work with Österlensaffran, they are delivering one of the highest quality local ingredients we've come across. Not only is the harvest and farming painstakingly meticulous work, they also care for the soil, environment and social transparency in the production.

Waste management

2024 and beyond

Österlensaffran wants to transform every saffron harvest into an opportunity for innovation. For each kilo of dried saffron, 200,000-250,000 flowers are harvested. Today most of these flowers aren’t used. That’s a waste.

Apart from cooking with the saffron, we see a future where these “waste flowers” find a new context. We would love to see our flowers to be used in textile dying, infusing essence into perfumes, teas, and beverages or other areas. We look for partners that have an equal commitment to sustainability and are up for innovative partnership.

To reduce the wasting of natural resources like the petals from the saffron, I tried and discovered new interesting combinations in my pastry creations. I find the petals attracting not only by colour, but also the nice floral touch of flavour that complements well with especially red berries and citrus.