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Saffron from the north

Growing saffron in the Nordics? Yes. it just so happens that the climate and soil in Southern Sweden is perfect for growing the tender saffron crocuses that only bloom for a few days and need picking quickly so the precious filaments can be extracted and dried.

Today we harvest our organic saffron at three location in Southern Sweden, and collaborate with a few more farmers for future supply of corms.

Our Soil

Regenerative agriculture

At Österlensaffran, we embrace regenerative farming—a transformative approach that enhances soil health without the use of chemicals. Through practices like cover cropping and crop rotation, we enrich organic matter, foster biodiversity, ensuring a sustainable and fruitful future for agriculture.


Perfect conditions

To grow saffron

Saffron (Crocus sativus) thrives in well-drained soils with a neutral to slightly alkaline pH, typically sandy loam or loamy soils with good drainage. Preventing waterlogging, detrimental to saffron corms, is essential.

Saffron benefits from soils rich in organic matter, providing vital nutrients, but excessively rich soils may prioritise foliage over flower production.

When selecting locations for saffron cultivation, Eurofins will be engaged to conduct a thorough soil test at first. This test assesses pH and nutrient levels, guiding us in determining any necessary organic amendments. Ideally, we opt for well-drained and sandy loam. These conditions create an optimal environment for saffron’s growth and development.

  • Soil analysis Kåseberga
    • pH 8.1
    • Mg AL 23
    • Humus content % 2.9
    • Clay content % 3.9
    • Sand % 87


Innovative farmers

Collaborate with us in cultivating through contract farming. Let’s transform the landscape and harvest a prosperous future. Please reach out and we’ll discuss it from here partner@osterlensaffran.io