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Established in 2019, Österlensaffran is a pioneering AgTech company and saffron producer based in Skåne, southern Sweden. Our autonomous robots will change saffron farming, emphasizing exceptional quality and sustainability. Transitioning from manual harvesting to our precision platform, we’re committed to reshaping the industry with conscious cultivation and innovation. Our overall methods, including a meticulous drying process, enhance the quality of our saffron. We ensure transparency in our process, allowing our customers to trace exactly where their saffron has been harvested.



Our mission is to revolutionise saffron farming, ensuring a transparent, ethical, and sustainable future.

Our Team

Tech savvy with soil
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Our team of innovators carry resumes peppered with experience at companies that are defining the parameters of how people and machinery intersect. With a commitment to excellence, we collaborate with expertise from the agricultural industry, partner with prestigious universities, and engage in research initiatives to spread our vision for the future of regenerative farming.

Automating weeding with sustainable methods
We are currently collaborating with farmers, advisers and researchers to develop our technology for precision weeding. This project is co-founded by the European Union and will be presented in the near future.

The new technology could revolutionise saffron production.


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